Absenteeism and Expulsion

Attendance Policy

Attendance is a condition of your student visa. If you do not attend your classes, you may lose your permission to study and work in Ireland.
All students are required to maintain a minimum attendance rate of 85%. If your attendance falls below this requirement, disciplinary action will be taken, which may result in your having your enrollment terminated.

  • If attendance falls below 85%, you will receive a verbal warning from the Director of Studies.
  • If attendance does not improve. or fallsĀ below 85% a second time, you will receive a written warning.
  • If attendance does not improve. or falls below 85%, a third time, you will receive a final written warning.
  • If attendance does not improve following this final warning, you may be expelled unless you can show a valid reason for non-attendance.

We are required to inform GNIB of any student who misses 25% of their classes in the first 6 weeks of their courseĀ  and any student who cannot finish the course with 85%.

In case of expulsion, notification will be sent to the GNIB. This may affect your permission to live and study in Ireland.

Students may appeal an expulsion by contacting us within 5 days with any documentation justifying their absence or proving extenuating circumstances. Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the management.