During your course, there will sometimes be an opportunity to go on an excursion with your teacher and your class. Dublin has plenty of free museums and galleries, and you can visit them on a class trip. Before you go, you can learn a little bit about the attraction and what you might see there. It’s a great chance for you to experience Irish culture by viewing our history and our art. The National History Museum, the National Gallery and the Chester Beatty Library are just some of the attractions that classes can visit – and each of them has a lovely café where you can relax after your visit and discuss what you saw with your classmates.

We may also organise a longer excursion sometimes, for example to Glendalough, a beautiful natural landscape with a lake, a monastic village, and an old lead mining village; or maybe to Newgrange, an ancient monument aligned to the Winter Solstice sunrise, which is even older than Stonehenge in the UK and the Pyramids in Egypt. There will be limited space for these activities, so you should sign up quickly when you see them! 

When we have a special holiday or event, we will help you to learn about this by bringing activities and worksheets into the class so that you can gain the new vocabulary associated with the days and find out how Irish people celebrate them. We may also invite you to join us in celebrating our special days with traditional games or activities. For example, coming up to St Patrick’s Day, our national holiday, we’ll invite you to wear green and sing some traditional songs with us. On Hallowe’en, the day that marks the start of winter, you can take part in games that help you to predict your future, and eat the traditional barm brack cake (if you find the ring in the cake, you will get married soon!) Help us to decorate the classrooms during the Christmas season, share your New Year’s Resolutions, eat chocolate Easter eggs with your classmates, and maybe even weave your own Brigid’s Cross in spring. Are you curious about all these traditions? Come and find out more! 

Remember, Ireland is growing more multicultural now, so we do not just want to celebrate Irish customs! Share your own customs with us and we’ll be happy to mark those as well. You may feel less homesick if you can still celebrate the days that are important to you. 

Free Cultural Excursions

You can learn about Dublin and its rich culture and history by taking part in our free excursions:

  • Trinity College
  • Dublin Castle
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Archaeological museum
  • National Art Gallery
  • National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks

Paid Cultural Excursion

Of course not everything is free, there are some great destinations which require an entry fee. Cost: €7–10

  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Kilmainham Gaol
  • Christchurch Cathedral
  • Jameson Distillery
  • Dublinia Viking Museum