Admissions Policy


Please fill in the Application Form on the DCE Website.

English classes are only available to non-native speakers of English; students from a country where the official working language is English will have to prove that they are not native speakers. The minimum entry level is A1 (Elementary). If necessary, a short remedial Beginner class (10 weeks) may be organised.

All students will be required to sit a recognised placement test to determine their appropriate level of English. The test consists of a grammar quiz, a short written text, and an oral interview with the Director of Studies. All three parts must be completed. We will then decide on the best level for the student.

Once placed at this level, students will remain in class until they are ready to move to the next level. Students can only move up a level if they get a grade above 80% in three consecutive class tests. All test results are recorded in weekly tabular format.