End of Programme Examination

End of Programme Examination

All students must complete an examination at the end of their course. You may choose TIE, Cambridge PET, FCE or CAE, or IELTS. You can find more information about these examinations on our website, and your teacher will help you to prepare for your chosen examination.

Only students of Upper Intermediate and above may choose IELTS.

The following statement must be signed before paying for your course:

I understand that it is a condition of my study visa that I must sit an end-of-course external exam. The fee will be chargeable in addition to the normal course fee.

The Director of Studies will enter me for this exam at an appropriate level relative to my ability. I will be notified in reasonable time of the time, place and exam fee. I understand and accept that if I do not take an end-of-course external examination, I will not receive any completion certificate or exit letter at the end of my course.

I further understand and accept that if I do not turn up to the examination I have been registered for,  an administrative charge will apply.    .

Download form available: click here.

This form must be signed and submitted before paying for your course.