During your class, your teacher may ask you to complete different types of exercises or activities. 

An exercise can be any classroom task. It can be simple, like filling in the missing words in a sentence, using the grammar you have just learned. It can also be complicated, like making a decision and working out how to express that in English. You might need to complete the exercise by yourself, with another student, or as part of a group. 

After completing the exercise, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the language that you needed to use. Did you know what vocabulary and grammar to use? Did you have a problem? Did you feel confident or did you feel that you needed more help? 

Exercises and class activities give you the chance to practise the language that you have learned, and to really assimilate it. They also let the teacher see if you have understood the lesson, or if you need to spend some more time on the topic. Exercises can help you to hone the important skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and mediating. 

Do not forget to bring a notebook and pen to class with you so that you can participate in all of the activities and exercises your teacher has planned!