Induction Day

DCE Induction Day

An induction just means giving you all the information you need before you start your course. Every student has to do this, because we want you to start your course the right way. During your induction, we will tell you all about the rules for attendance and our policies for holidays, punctuality, examinations, and when you are sick. You can ask us any questions if you are not sure of something. You must take a placement test at least one week before you start your course.

  • We will show you where the fire exits are and what you should do if there is an emergency. We will also give you some useful information about Dublin and help you to open a bank account or get your PPS number. 
  • Do not worry if your English is not good yet. Our friendly and welcoming staff can speak Portuguese and Spanish to help you to understand everything. If you speak a different language, we will find someone to translate for you. 
  • We will arrange your induction by email. Please do attend your induction because we can not place you in a class without it!