Sick Leave

Sick Leave Policy

If you are unable to attend your class for any reason, you must contact the college on the first day, and each subsequent day, giving the reason for non-attendance. You must submit a medical certificate covering all absences as soon as you return. This is mandatory for all international students, in order to comply with both college and GNIB requirements. If you do not submit a certificate, your absence will be treated as unauthorised, and disciplinary procedures may begin.

We can only cover your attendance if you provide a medical certificate. You will not receive attendance if you do not provide a certificate, or if you are absent for any other reason, including attending at the GNIB office. 

You must submit your medical certificate within 2 weeks of your time off – after this, we will not update your attendance. 

Only medical certificates issued in the Republic of Ireland and written in English will be accepted. All certificates are subject to verification by the College. If a certificate is found to be fraudulent, we will take immediate action and any student submitting fraudulent certificates will be suspended immediately. 
If you have any questions about this, please contact Carla Kerr at