Academic Calendar 2022

Academic Calendar 2022

This calendar shows you the special days in Ireland and the dates of your weekly class tests. Do you have a special day that you would like us to include in our calendar? Please email and let us know.

If you have any questions about the days when the school will be closed, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

If there are significant changes to the calendar, we will inform you by email.



January 2022
New Year’s Bank Holiday – School Closed! 3rd January
School Reopens 4th January
Weekly Test 6th or 7th January
Weekly Test 13th or 14th January
Weekly Test 20th or 21st January
Burns’ Night 25th January
Australia Day/Survival Day 26th January
Weekly Test 27th or 28th January
Brigid’s Day Bank Holiday – School Closed 31st January
February 2022
Chinese New Year 1st February
Imbolc (Spring Brings) 1st February
Weekly Test 3rd or 4th February
Safer Internet Day 8th February
Weekly Test 10th or 11th February
Valentine’s Day 14th February
Random Acts of Kindness Day 17th February 
Weekly Test 17th or 18th February
Weekly Test 24th or 25th February
Carnival Begins 25th February
March 2022
Pancake Day 1st March
World Book Day 3rd March
Weekly Test 3rd or 4th March
International Women’s Day 8th March
Weekly Test 10th or 11th March
St. Patrick’ s Day-Bank Holiday  17th March
Weekly Test 16th or 18th March
Spring Equinox 20th March
Weekly Test 24th or 25th March
Clock Go Forward 27th March
Weekly Test 31st March
April 2022
Weekly Test 1st April
April Fool’s Day 1st April (Until 12:00)
Ramadan Begins 1st April
Autism Awareness Day 2nd April
Weekly Test 7th or 8th April
Weekly Test 14th April
Good Friday – School CLOSED! 15th April 
Easter Monday – School CLOSED! 18th April
Weekly Test 21st or 22nd April
Earth Day  22nd April
Weekly Test 28th or 29th April
May 2022
Bealtaine / May Day (Summer Beings) 1st May
May Bank Holiday – School Closed! 2nd May
Eid al-Fitr 2nd May
World Laughter Day 3rd May
Cinco de Mayo 5st May
Weekly Test 5th or 6th May
International Nurses Day 12th May
Weekly Test 12th or 13th May
Weekly Test 19th or 20th May
Africa Day 25th May
Weekly Test 26th or 27th May
June 2022
Weekly Test 2nd or 3rd June
World Environment Day 5th June
June Bank Holiday – School Closed! 6th June
Weekly Test 9th or 10th June
Russian National Day 12th June
Weekly Test 16th or 17th June
Summer Solstice  21st June
Weekly Test 23rd or 24th June
Weekly Test 30th June
July 2022
Weekly Test 1st July
Canada Day 1st July
USA Independence Day 4th July
World Chocolate Day 7th July
Weekly Test 7th or 8th July
Eid al-Adha 9th July
Bastille Day 14th July
Weekly Test 14th or 15th July
Weekly Test 21st or 22nd July
Weekly Test 28th or 29th July
August 2022
Lughnasadh (Autumn Begins) 1st August
August Bank Holiday – School CLOSED! 1st August
Weekly Test 4th or 5th August
International Cat Day 8th August
Weekly Test 11th or 12th August
S. Korea Liberation Day 15th August
Weekly Test 18th or 19th August
World Photo Day 19th August
Weekly Test 25th or 26th August
September 2022
Weekly Test 1st or 2nd September
Brazilian Independence Day:  7th September
Weekly Test 8th or 9th September
Weekly Test 15th or 16th September
Mexican Independence Day 16th September
Autumn Equinox 21st September
International Day of Peace 21st September
Weekly Test 22nd or 23rd September
Dublin Culture Night 23rd September
Weekly Test 29th or 30th September
October 2022
Dyslexia Awareness Day 4th October
World Teachers Day 5th October
Weekly Test 6th or 7th October
Weekly Test 13th or 14th October
Weekly Test 20th or 21st October
Weekly Test 27th or 28th October
Republic Day of Turkey 29th October
Hallowe’en Bank Holiday – School Closed 31st October 
Samhain/Hallowe’en (Winter Begins) 31st October
Clocks Go Back 31st October
November 2022
Weekly Test 3rd or 4th November
Diwali 4th November
Guy Fawkes Night 5th November
Weekly Test 10th or 11th November
World Kindness Day 13th November
Weekly Test 17th or 18th November
Weekly Test 24th or 25th November
Hanukkah Begins 28th November
December 2022
Weekly Test 1st or 2nd December
Weekly Test 8th or 9th December
Weekly Test 15th or 16th December
Winter Solstice 21st December
Weekly Test 22nd or 23rd December
Christmas Holidays Begin 26th December
Reopening 9th January 2023